Pitch Black

Climbfit is an indoor rock climbing gym in the heart of St Leonards where hundreds of people each week come to climb, work out have birthday parties and socialise. For the past few years Climbfit has hosted an event called "Pitch Black" where all lights in the gym are turned off and those with headlamps or some sort of light emitting device are allowed to try and make their way up the many routes on offer.

At 6pm the lights turned off and people started climbing by headlamp (or tried). It's a much harder task to plan a route when you can't see the majority of it. The gym ran as normal with belay lessons and instructors wandering the floors giving tips and making sure everyone was safe and doing the right thing. All of the staff got into the spirit of things with some going above and beyond (Colin's 'Macgyver' style headlamp).

Each and every year more and more people have been turning up to enjoy the adventurous night of darkness. Can't wait to get back next year and see the new intuitive lighting ways people come up with.