Victorian High Country

Back in March this year we took a trip down to the Victorian High Country to check out what tracks Victoria had to offer for some 4wd touring. Check out the video highlights from our trip. With a few broken parts and a car stuck in Victoria for two weeks, everyone made it back safe and sound.

Purebred Fitness

A few months ago Pat from Purebred Fitness asked me to come down to there gym to film and make an edit to promote their new gym. They wanted something that showcased their facilities and classes. The trainers at gym certainly put their clients through their paces on this day!

 The team at Purebred Fitness

The team at Purebred Fitness

Great White in Cabbage Tree Bay Rockpool, Manly

About 2 weeks ago a juvenile Great White beached itself on Manly beach to the surprise of some local beach goers. A local man tried to drag it back into the water but unfortunately the shark did not want to go back out and beach itself again.


Local staff from the Manly Sea Sanctuary were called into the move the shark to a safer location to observe it and try and keep it alive. They moved it to the near by Cabbage Tree Bay Rockpool, where people were asked to leave the pool so that the shark could be placed in.


After hearing about the news on social media, i thought i'd head down to try and get some pictures of this rare moment. Originally i thought it was a Mako, as described on social media, but as i rocked up to my surprise, it turned out to be a 1.8m juvenile great white. I would have loved to get in with it but i thought i would let the professionals do their job.


After many hours of the shark being observed, the staff from Manly Sea Life Sanctuary decided to take it back to their location for further observation.

After a night at the sanctuary the staff took the young shark 4km out to sea for release.